Defining the culture and nature of your company

Lumina Learning tools meet the needs of organizations through individual and collective development activities and corporate workshops and programs.

With Lumina Culture’s organizational values assessment, you can equip your business with Lumina tools in order to receive the highest and most extensive overview of your organization and the specificities that define it.

It allows you to better define the nature of your company and its organizational values and thus more thoroughly understand and optimally manage your employees accordingly.

At the heart of Lumina Culture is the notion of corporate culture, one that encompasses all the values that distinguish your organization from other companies working in similar fields of activity.

By completing the organizational values questionnaire offered by Prologue experts, businesses can better identify the following:

  • The ideals, values and concepts that drive your organization on a daily basis
  • The dynamics behind these values, which make them work
  • Specific goals for values to develop
  • The type of management valued within your organization
  • The traits and common values of your company members

Lumina Culture enables you to identify the components of your business’s organizational culture and learn how to better integrate them into your daily activities.

How does the Lumina Culture organizational values tool work?

A Prologue consultant will collect data from a specific questionnaire sent to your employees. This way, each person can contribute by describing their perception of the business culture and of the values that animate it in accordance with the Lumina Spark aspects and qualities.

The Spark portraits of team members are also analyzed as to how they correlate to your organizational culture.

The rendered data allows you:

  • To gain greater perspective on what is happening within your business
  • To define the gaps between your current business culture and the one you desire

Our consultants then help decision-makers in your organization take ownership of this data. They host lively discussions to promote suitable reflection, thereby receiving an overview of the situation and ways to move forward.

The benefits of Lumina Culture

At the end of the Lumina Culture organizational values workshop, including the resulting reflection activities, participants will:

  • Identify the cultural components and values of their organization, as well as their “ideal” culture
  • Define how to strategically achieve an optimal business culture by focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of the organization
  • Understand how each individual can play a proactive role in expressing your organization’s business culture
  • Initiate and implement the execution of an action plan that leads to the desired business culture

The Lumina Culture tool, which is part of the latest trend in organizational development, enables people to understand their role in the overall mission of your company and to feel that they are part of a collective movement with a shared meaning.

Organizational culture: at the heart of your corporate success

Recent studies confirm that highlighting corporate culture is a great way to motivate your employees and to mobilize them around a common goal.

The Lumina Culture program will allow your employees to find their bearings in the professional ecosystem of your business and take advantage of their position for the overall success of your organization.

Our team offers consulting services throughout the greater Ottawa and Montreal area, as well as elsewhere in Canada.

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