For greater personal achievement: discover Lumina Life

The various Lumina Learning tools allow you to face the challenges of the professional world, including fighting everyday stress and achieving your personal and professional goals, all with greater serenity. This includes getting to know one another better, thereby making the best use of all our strengths.

All of this lies at the heart of Lumina Life, a training program specifically designed to increase knowledge of your “inner self”, helping to pave the way towards a stronger sense of personal achievement.

The evaluation and subsequent activities (individual or organizational) are perfect opportunities to develop each person’s self-esteem and vitality, allowing each employee to use the whole experience in order to better contribute in the workplace. In addition, Lumina Life examines the link between individuals and the workplace environment in order to maximize the commitment and resilience of both individuals and the organization.

An overview of Lumina Life

Lumina Life starts with concrete workshops geared towards topics such as leadership, self-mastery and personal achievement.

The training program is aptly named because it focuses on emotional health, spiritual well-being and personal balance: three characteristics of greater personal achievement and life itself.

Our workshop offers you the opportunity to improve your stress management and your ability to face social, physical, and emotional challenges in the workplace.

Our program engages all participants without any exceptions or restrictions. We use the Lumina Spark psychometric tool to identify the different profiles of your team and work on everyone’s strengths.

The model is also based on a questionnaire which allows you to get to know yourself better.

Lumina Life training is based on three fundamental things:

  • Behavioural and personal preferences in the workplace
  • Creating a positive environment
  • Stimulating positive energy, mental as well as physical

The Lumina Life program benefits

The Lumina Life program offers many benefits, providing you with the skills to help you better define yourself and reach fulfillment in your personal life as well as in your daily professional life.

With Lumina Life, you will realize that well-being is the best ally in coping with the stress of corporate life.

You will learn how to achieve greater personal achievement and fully leverage your personality’s distinct characteristics when coping with daily tasks and projects.

At the personal

The training will allow you to improve your decision-making skills so that you can take new measures to better manage your personal achievements, your mental and physical energy, and to more easily adapt to your environment, thereby achieving your professional goals.

At the organisational level

With Lumina Life training, you will be able to generate positive energy and promote engagement and teamwork in your workplace.

Lumina Life is a unique and incredibly rewarding experience for all employees who care about their own well-being as well as that of their colleagues.

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Lumina Life: the tools that will lead to better personal achievement

Professional achievement is acquired first and foremost through better knowledge of oneself as well as having a more positive outlook on life. Before thinking about becoming a better colleague, we invite you to think about becoming a more accomplished, balanced and fulfilled person.

Lumina Life is intended for anyone who wants to grow both personally and professionally while becoming a more wholesome and confident person in all aspects of their everyday life.

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