Lumina Talent recruitment tool: better talent management for your business

The Lumina Learning suite offers a different and refreshing approach to the personal and professional development of individuals in the workplace.

It is with pride that we offer one of the most complete and easy to use recruitment tools on the market. Finding tomorrow’s talent has never been easier and faster!

With the same foundation as Lumina Spark, Lumina Talent will be highly appreciated by all employees working in the field of human resources and talent management in companies.

Using Lumina Talent

The psychometric tool Lumina Spark, used as a recruitment tool, maximizes the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts as well as the well-being and development of your employees. The training, in the form of a workshop or a coaching meeting for a specific person or team, combines theoretical lessons and practical exercises in order to show participants how to identify the different strengths of a candidate, as well as areas of improvement.

Our facilitators teach participants the following techniques:

  • Identify critical qualifications for positions to be filled based on different roles and responsibilities
  • Use the psychometric tool Lumina Spark to precisely analyze candidate qualities
  • Prepare an interview adapted to the results of the previous analysis
  • Take into account the skills of a candidate to offer them a fulfilling and evolving position
  • Undertake new employee development from the outset
  • Learn better stress management

Lumina Talent: a powerful recruitment tool

Lumina Talent is fully integrated with the most recent advances in personality and talent for the corporate environment. It is mainly intended for members responsible for external recruitment and internal talent management within a company.

Simple internal talent management

With this tool, your company’s human resources department will be able to do a complete and accurate analysis regarding the personality of the members of your organization.

By doing so, they will easily identify the talent most likely to flourish in new positions in your company.

In addition, Lumina Spark for Talent allows you to be sure that resources are used to their fullest, providing greater job satisfaction and better performance. These aspects are critical in fostering greater engagement and employee retention.

Exceptional recruitment tool for external applicants

In terms of hiring, Lumina Talent has proven to be a powerful recruitment tool. In particular, it enables your human resources department to better understand the specificities of candidates applying for a position within your organization.

It may even happen that an candidate applying for position “A” is ultimately a better choice for position “B” within your company’s setup.

Lumina’s Talent recruitment tool shines with its simplicity, versatility and adaptability.

Lumina Talent training: a must-have for improving your employee recruitment

Specifically designed to teach recruiters and applicants how to better participate in the culture of their business through better use of their distinctive qualities, Talent workshops also aim to improve the emotional and human aspects of recruitment and organizational development.

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