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A new kind of development tool

In the ever-changing world in which we now operate, it can be easy to lose our clarity in life and much harder to find it once again. In an increasingly heterogeneous professional world, it can also be difficult to find the right way to work in unison with others.

This is where Lumina Learning’s personal, professional and organizational development programs come into play by offering an array of tools, workshops and activities that will provide you with the foundation needed to foster the development and fulfillment of individuals, teams and organizations.

Lumina Learning development programs are undoubtedly suitable for all needs and fields of activity.

Lumina Learning psychometric tools and personal development programs

A model that reveals the 3 intrinsic personas of each individual

Based on the latest scientific research in the field of personality studies, Lumina Learning is based upon the analysis of the 3 intrinsic personas of every individual.

The Underlying persona

The Self in its most natural state which appears when we are alone or free from the expectations of others.

The Everyday persona

The Self which emerges in social situations, at work or in gatherings, the result of calculated efforts to come across as the person we want to embody. This is when we display our best traits!

The Overextended persona

The Self which emerges in stressful situations, in an environment where we are upset or called upon to make decisions under pressure.

Embracing contradictions

Considering the complexity of human beings, it is not uncommon to observe the potential contradictions that a person’s 3 personas can present.
Lumina Learning avoids forced choices in the questionnaires, allowing for personal, professional and organizational development programs that reveal illuminating paradoxes about certain aspects of individual personality or team and organizational culture.
Rather than attempting to block or minimize the importance of these polarizing characteristics, Lumina Learning makes it possible to embrace these contradictions and use them as stepping stones towards increased efficiency and performance potential.
For these reasons, we offer multiple programs that will allow everyone to benefit from the unique aspects of their different personalities and become more successful people, both in the private sphere and in the workplace.

Unique development tools and programs for unique individuals, teams and organizations

At Prologue, we know that each person and each team is unique. For this reason, contrary to other psychometric methods, we do not try to confine the various personalities that manifest in everyday life to rigid and inflexible boxes. Lumina Learning offers:

  • A simple and easily applicable system
  • 100% personalized recommendations for each individual
  • Quick and easily implemented changes and results in a short period of time

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For questions about Lumina development programs, please contact our team now!