Emotional intelligence coaching is at the core of Lumina Emotion training

Lumina Learning’s psychometric tools allow you to better understand your personality, while increasing your productivity at work and improving your skills within a group setting. They also offer you the opportunity to better react in stressful situations.

The Lumina Emotion tool combines the concept of emotional intelligence as well as our ability to learn personally and professionally. Instead of circumscribing emotional intelligence in a static framework, Lumina is interested in emotional agility, that is, the ability to understand and adapt emotionally on a daily basis in order to be able to think effectively and choose behaviours that make sense.

With Lumina Emotion, you will receive emotional intelligence coaching that will enable you to channel your emotions towards the optimal fulfillment of your professional goals. You will also be able to navigate the daily emotional needs of those around you.

An overview of Lumina Emotion

The Emotion approach starts with an online questionnaire which allows for the creation of a portrait of your emotional abilities.

This assessment is followed by an individual or group workshop.

Both elements include a pedagogical segment on everything related to the basic notions of developing better emotional intelligence. This knowledge allows learners to better manage their emotions and negotiate situations where they are confronted with the emotions of others.

In connection with learning, each person can study their emotional portrait to get a better picture of their relationship with the skills studied, as well as their personalized track towards development. The portrait depicts 16 emotional qualities and 4 distinct types of agility.

The Lumina Emotion group workshop also allows for a discussion time where participants can openly discuss the concepts they have learned, including how they relate to them and how they can be integrated into daily life.

Emotional intelligence achievements with Lumina Emotion

We are very confident that Lumina Emotion is the best way to develop your emotional intelligence, allowing you to integrate these simple notions into the everyday collective environment at your office.

Lumina Emotion’s goal is to provide you with the tools to:

  • Develop a better awareness of yourself and a better understanding of your own emotions
  • Develop a better understanding and perception of the emotions of those around you
  • Learn how to adapt your emotional reactions, thereby minimizing their negative impact on your work environment and the collective environment of the office
  • Consider your emotional mechanisms as forces to be channelled rather than as obstacles to overcome

Ultimately, this training will help you better understand the process of emotional intelligence coaching and will allow you to take full advantage of the universe of possibilities open to you as you learn to integrate this knowledge and improve your productivity at work as well as in all aspects of your daily life.

The importance of emotional intelligence coaching in the workplace

While there is a tendency to curb our personal emotions so as not to disturb our judgment on the job, it has been proven that proper emotional management is crucially important for any professional framework.

By understanding our own emotions, we are also better able to adapt our behaviour according to those around us and therefore benefit from a better workplace environment.

This is precisely the goal of the Lumina Emotion program!

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