Lumina Leader: the most effective leadership tool in the market

Lumina Learning tools are designed for professionals who want to improve their productivity, their stress management and their relationships with colleagues.

The Lumina Leader psychometric leadership assessment was specifically designed for executives who lead various projects and who are expected to manage various team members or coordinate daily activities within an organization.

It is not uncommon for some managers to lack leadership skills or other essential qualities needed for anyone hoping to play a decisive role in the advancement of various projects.

Your company’s development process can be greatly enhanced with the Lumina Learning suite tools.

The Lumina Leader assessment can be used in an individual coaching context in personal development or in a management team building and team development process.

An overview of the Lumina Leader leadership tool

The process begins with an online questionnaire that provides an individual portrait of each employee’s strengths and weaknesses in four domains of leadership: Leading with Others, Leading with Drive, Leading with Vision, and Leading to Deliver.

Each of these domains is also understood through 16 associated leadership competencies.

Team building and team development

Team building and team development workshops take place over the duration of a full day. Participants learn about the latest scientific discoveries in the field of leadership as well as the 16 most sought after competencies of an effective manager.

These qualities are at the very heart of the development of the Lumina Leader psychometric leadership assessment.

The interactive and participative format of our day training program allows participants to exchange views on their management vision and their various managerial experiences.

Thanks to the considerable input of the psychometric evaluation tool, each participant is better informed about the different facets of their workplace personality. They will be able to study their managerial portrait in light of the knowledge acquired during the Leader workshop. The objective is to evaluate how their qualities (observed on the mandala) come through in a management context.

The Lumina Leader workshop comprises a theoretical aspect, which supports the understanding of leadership competencies related to effective leadership, as well as a practical aspect, which supports the translation of the learning into concrete action planning in view of the organization’s management.

Personal development and individual management coaching

The personal development program is carried out by a qualified coach who facilitates the complete understanding and ownership of the wealth of information and insights provided by the Lumina Leader assessment tool.

The program continues with the evaluation of the development suggestions offered by managerial portraits, as well as the development of an action plan. The deployment of the action plan is best supported by ongoing individual coaching.

Leader 360

Lumina Leader also offers the “360” option which allows managers who have already completed their Leader portrait to confront their perception of themselves alongside those of trusted colleagues.

After learning about their most and least used leadership strategies, and after finding ways to avoid the damage that can result from certain behaviours, a leader may be ready to solicit feedback from others in order to challenge their perception of themselves and promote even greater development.

What benefits will you see from the Lumina Leader program?

The leadership assessment and analysis provided by Lumina Leader and Leader 360 are designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Better understanding of your management style: This is influenced by your past experiences, your emotions and past leaders who have inspired you, both positively and negatively. By learning to understand how you manage your direct reports, you will have a better idea of what you need to improve or retain and how to get there.
  • Improve your confidence as a leader: Leadership can be challenging, and we are here to help you strengthen your self-confidence and your abilities, as well as to help you avoid obvious pitfalls or exhaustion.
  • Provide concrete paths for improvement: By means of a better understanding of yourself, we provide you, during coaching sessions, with the keys to make better use of your skills and uncover those that were previously ignored in order to positively change your management style and develop your leadership role.

Lumina Leader: management coaching adapted to your needs

Talent and team management can be a real headache nowadays. To find your bearings, nothing is better than organizational development with the help of the Lumina Leader leadership tool.

The Lumina Learning programs have been designed to help you improve and develop your professional life. All programs are offered throughout the greater Ottawa and Montreal area and elsewhere in Canada.

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