Lumina Sales: Sales team tools and activities

Lumina Learning psychometric tools are used with training and corporate coaching to help professionals know themselves better and improve their performance in the field of sales.

As part of Lumina Sales, our facilitators will help your corporate sales team and customer relations employees use their strengths and distinct personalities to become more efficient.

Based on the latest advances in the field of business psychology and consumer behaviour, this training is a great asset for any company working in a field where sales are important.

An overview of Lumina Sales

Our facilitators will assist you in analyzing the strengths and areas of improvement for each member of your sales team.

Our method is based around practical workshops, group discussion sessions and individual assessments in order to learn more about the characteristic features of your sales team. We analyze each of your sales members through their Lumina Spark portrait and translate that data into the specific competencies associated with each of the six-phase sales cycle.

Lumina Sales benefits

The purpose of this coaching is to teach professional sales teams about important skills such as:

  • Defining an effective sales strategy adapted to your clientele
  • Having a better perception of customer desires and expectations
  • Acquiring better interpersonal skills
  • Increasing revenue from sales activities within your company

We believe in the usefulness of this training which is designed to inspire you with more effective strategies. Sales are at the heart of any company: learning to understand and convince customers is therefore essential to your business model.

Lumina Sales: a great asset for your sales team

Trust our experts to maximize and improve the sales skills of your company’s employees and increase your income.

Let us help you set up a more efficient, practical and personalized sales strategy.

Our Lumina Sales program is designed to help you improve your sales teams’ skills and bring your business to the top of the market!

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