Psychometric tool: The Lumina Spark evaluation

Like all Lumina Learning tools and programs, Spark aims to help you know yourself better, improve your teamwork, and increase your productivity and the quality of your relationships at work and in your personal life.

Psychometric analysis with the Spark tool gives you an overview of your personality and your interaction with others. The goal is to work on different areas of interaction to improve satisfaction and productivity in a professional environment.

How does the Lumina Spark psychometric tool work?

This tool is an integral part of the revolutionary Lumina suite. It aims to give you a concrete glimpse into the person you currently are and the person you have the potential to become. You are first asked to complete a questionnaire that will allow us to draw up a detailed overview of you and your social habits.

Next, our consultants, as well as you and/or your team, will be able to define a strategic plan to take full advantage of your strengths and work to improve the aspects of your individual or collective personality that you would like to change.

Our tool: the Lumina mandala

Vast experience in the field of personal and professional development has led to the creation of our psychometric tool, the Lumina mandala, which shines a light on the different aspects of your personality discovered in the answers to the questionnaire mentioned above.

Our psychometric analysis model includes a scale from which to measure your overall positioning on the following personality axes:

  • Introverted or extroverted
  • Guided by discipline or by inspiration
  • Focused on people or on outcomes
  • Down-to-earth or a big-picture vision

In addition to these axes, your unique relationship to 24 Qualities or specific traits indicates your strengths and preferences.

The benefits of this psychometric tool

Lumina Spark has many concrete benefits for productivity and good understanding within the work environment.

Our program is particularly useful for:

  • Strengthening team spirit, fostering understanding among colleagues and promoting effective and positive communication
  • Supporting changes in a professional setting
  • Fostering individual expression within a company by providing a basis for conflict resolution and lessons in productive conversation
  • Encouraging employees to develop and demonstrate their importance within a team, by working on their confidence and unique ability to distinguish themselves from the rest of the group

The Lumina Spark program: a great asset

You will be pleasantly surprised by all the benefits provided by the psychometric analysis tool and the Lumina Spark program, on both a personal or collective level.

Spark adapts with a host of other psychometric analysis tools and can therefore help you to initiate a change in your daily life or to enrich a process of change that you have already begun with other tools and methods. Additionally, Lumina Spark is fully adapted to the other tools in the Lumina Learning suite which provide unrivaled leverage for the development of teams and entire organizations.

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