Lumina Team: Improve your team development and workplace climate

Workplace climate is one of the key components of a company’s success, no matter the industry. Team development must be one of the core elements of your business strategy and organizational culture.

Thanks to the latest scientific advances in the field of corporate psychology and personality studies, Lumina Learning has developed the “Team Wheel” as well as the activities stemming from it.

This training program will help you to:

  • Understand the kind of team of which you are a part
  • Perceive the team dynamics and the culture that emerge when the team is stressed
  • Increase your communication effectiveness within a team framework
  • Conscientiously and positively influence your team
  • Stimulate the harmony, balance and performance of your team
  • Have a course of action when your team does not perform optimally

Improve your team development: an overview of the Team training program

To start, members of your team complete a Lumina Spark questionnaire, enabling everyone to better understand the unique characteristics of their personality and their general contribution to the work climate. It is from these portraits that the Team Wheel is generated.

With all members of the team, our consultants facilitate exchanges and activities, allowing you to take full advantage of the forces present in the team and to improve upon the weak aspects of the team as a whole. In this way, everyone will have a better understanding of the role they have to play in your organization. This fosters team development and maintains a positive and constructive work environment.

Your teams develop better coping tools if tension arises in work group situations when pressure, expectations and stress levels are higher.

Establish a better work climate: the achievements of the Team training program

In a professional setting, team cohesion and team development are critical elements in the organizational strategy of any company that wants to achieve an optimum performance level.

The Lumina Team development program is like a toolbox that allows you to develop ‘esprit de corps’ and teamwork.

This program uses the basics of the Spark psychometric tool and applies them in the context of understanding a team’s culture and the collective personality that animates it.

The workshop is aimed at teams wishing to improve the collective work environment by equipping themselves with specific tools to promote teamwork, such as:

  • Better interpersonal communication tools
  • A better work organization strategy
  • A better picture of the strengths of each member of a team
  • The discovery of hidden talents
  • A workplace structure where the talents of each member are appreciated and used fully

Why is Lumina Team the best tool for positive team development?

Because each individual is unique and dynamic, it is impossible to place each person in a fixed category. Lumina Team therefore focuses on understanding the different facets of the personalities of each team member in order to propose a strategy in which each member is able to find their own place, thereby helping to contribute to the success of the overall organization.

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